English Speaking Course

We offer English communication course, considering the current requirements from different industries that candidates seek. The communication aspect of this course focuses on formal day-to-day communication that people usually go through. The various forms of communication covered in the course include meetings, interviews, speaking on public forums, etc. The course that we offer focuses on achieving mastery on various communication aspects that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Duration : 3-4 months

Rs. 12000/-

Course Specifications

The course focuses on developing the communicative aspect of English language. It is an engaging course with promising materials, and effective assignments and tasks to strengthen the English communication of the candidates. The course primarily focuses on common errors and ways to address those errors and letting the candidates speak the language without flaws. By focusing on both the fluency and accuracy of the language, this course is the most appropriate for aspiring professionals. With proper grooming and training, candidates will be able to communicate in English with greater accuracy and thus make the best of available opportunities.

Key Features

Highly Experienced Mentors

Learn advance English reading and writing skills by highly experienced mentors.

Learn Industry-Specific Skills

Apart from the lingual aspects, learn nuances of the language that will help you steer your way in your career.

Improved Career Growth

This program is designed to ensure you a fast career growth.

Instructor-Led Training

Learn and interact either online or in classroom.

Personalised Expert Advice

Our trainers are available over the phone and email for one-on-one interaction at any possible time.

Job Opportunities

Stay in top searches of the recruiters and get suitable job.

  • Mastery in speaking English has innumerable benefits. With English, being the most widely spoken language around the world, one can get ample job opportunities with a fine hold in the language. One also gets enough scope to travel to different places around the world.
  • By speaking English with precision, one definitely gets a higher payroll. Better communication skills also boost the confidence and self-assurance of a person, enabling him/ her to move ahead with utter success.
  • By having outstanding communication skills, one can communicate and negotiate well, which work as phenomenal advantages as far as the professional arena is concerned.
No, It's not difficult because there are millions of native speakers who speaks English in the world. It's only difficult till the day it doesn't come in your practice.
Actually its a gradual process. With the help of our course, you learn English in minimum time frame as compare to others.
In modern time, you can improve your English speaking by joining certificate course. Here, you learn the English from its basics.
Best way to learn or practice any language is to hear and speak words/sentences/phrases etc., related to particular language on regular basis. To make your practice more purposeful, you can join English speaking course.
We have sessions which includes the personality development, which are prepared keeping facts in mind, how and what all gestures are good enough to survive in a professional environment and get a growth by making yourself a great communicator.
Yes, you can taken the test. We will also provide you demo classes for facing the interview.
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